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Richard Eglington

Richard Eglington - shy as ever

Richard Eglington – shy as ever

Richard won’t say how old he is, but his first job on leaving school was as tail-gunner on a milk-float, protecting the dairy’s best gold top from attack by the Kaiser (he’s still younger than Tony, though).

His first experiences of music were as an angelic chorister in the school choir, and as a less angelic recipient of piano lessons. Despite the best efforts of his piano teacher to put him off (and to be fair he was never going to be a pianist) this didn’t put him off music and it has been a part of his life ever since.

He loves most genres of music, from folk and traditional through soul, funk and blues to rock, ska, reggae and dub, and one of his greatest pleasures is sharing music with other music lovers, and discovering new bands and singers.

He lives in Leeds with his family and was introduced to Radio Barnsley by Roy Burgess, someone Richard had known through his work. He presents the Midweek Mix every Wednesday, which gives him the excuse to play lots of kinds of different music!