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We Made It Through Monday with Mick Malloy

You know that feeling, it’s happens every week about 4pm on a Monday.

You’ve had your dinner, and a spot of afternoon tea and well you know.

Hmmmmm you can see the rest of the week stretching out before you
like the long dark tea time of your soul. Thursday is 8 months away
and Friday is even longer. Don’t worry, cheer up, we can rejoice because
We’ve only Made It Through Monday. Party time, break out the Prosecco,
open a create of ale because we are going to party like it’s 1999.

All your favourite tunes, for two hours of inane chatter and rib tickling
banter join me every Monday 17:00 until 19:00 in the comfort of your own home.We

Can Ya Dig It? with Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott – Can Ya Dig It?

Hey, I’m Tom and my show is called: Can Ya Dig It? I called it this because it means feel and music is all about emotion and meaning, am I right or am I right? I love all types of music with a meaning. I’m quite a fan of pop music and pop music from 1998- to the present day, if you ever need to dig the music more, tweet us and I’ll put on something you can dig. J thanks Tom Abbott.

Steve Lockwood

Steve Lockwood

Steve Lockwood

Having been a mobile/club dj in West Yorkshire for many years I always wanted to get into radio, but never had the time, due to other business commitments, to pursue this dream.
I now find myself retired and having just completed a 6 month stint as ‘The Dylanologist from the UK’ on a radio show based in South Africa, I decided to look for ways to get into radio, I came across Radio Barnsley and here we are. I hope to bring a selection of the best of ‘Americana’ (Blues, Rock, Country, Folk, Bluegrass, etc) playing both old established artistes along with newly found pieces of delight.
Join me every Monday afternoon between 1.00 and 3.00.

Steve Dixon

Steve is a man of few words!

“I’m usually here causing havoc with Louise on Fridays!
When I’m not here, I’m usually involved in writing songs with people and playing Piano/Keyboard & Guitar.”

Colin Dobson

Colin Dobson

Feel Good Friday with Colin Dobson

You’ve heard the saying ‘a perfect face for radio’?

Well, they were talking about me!
My career in radio started as so many other presenters did, in Hospital Radio.
I worked with two great teams at Ackton hospital and WBHS in Wakefield before graduating to Radio Aire in Leeds in 1987.
After several successful and enjoyable years, my other love of health and fitness tempted me away from the microphone, and I started my own gym in Barnsley which I still run today.
However, the radio bug never left me, and I’ve kept a presence within the industry throughout the last 25 years, working with some great people. Of course, I’d never drop names to impress others. The Prime Minister and Daniel Craig gave me that advice the day we had lunch with the Queen.
Back to reality… I joined Radio Barnsley in 2016 and am privileged to work alongside a fantastic team of presenters, bringing you great music, local stories, chat, live guests, and entertainment to the great people of Barnsley and online around the world.

Roy Burgess

Roy in the studio

Roy in the studio

After a brief stint in hospital radio in the 80s my career in IT got in the way. I decided to come back to radio when I had time. I got involved with Radio Barnsley in August 2015. What can I say, I’ve been busy! Now turning a lifetime’s obsession with popular music into two shows. Soul Man plays classic music from Motown, Stax, Northern Soul, Funk and even a bit of disco thrown in.

Soul Man – Wednesday 7-9pm. Repeated on Monday at 3pm


Neil Crosswaite

Neil wouldn’t say radio presenting was stressful but when he started 3 years ago he had shoulder length hair!

Hailing from Rotherham but graduating from Barnsley College with a degree in journalism, Neil presents the news show between 7 and 9 on Thursday night.

He’s got a wide range of music tastes from Motown to rock but he steers clear of bagpipes!

He was on air when news broke of Prince’s death and turned the rest of the show into a tribute. Its moments like that when live radio takes on a new momentum.

Rob Hargreaves

I was involved in hospital radio from the late 80’s, presenting, producing and editing radio shows.
I was also DJing on a mobile disco from 1983 to 1997.
I joined YMCA Radio Barnsley in October 2010 and presented a lunchtime show on Mondays and Fridays for two years, I then moved on to presenting the Weekend Eve Show on a Friday 5 to 8pm., before taking over the Saturday Morning slot in February 2016.
I also am employed outside of Radio Barnsley working for a national wholesaler.

Louise Barnsworth

Louise Barnsworth

Louise – Friday 3 to 6pm

Barnsley belle, lost in Doncaster.

Stalker of all things radio since the late 80s.

Loves the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland and is very found of the number 252 and Long Waves, for some reason.

Once moved to London, but the people weren’t as friendly as Northern folk.

Has a PHD in Chemistry…

No part of this bio is made up.

Richard Eglington

Richard Eglington - shy as ever

Richard Eglington – shy as ever

Richard won’t say how old he is, but his first job on leaving school was as tail-gunner on a milk-float, protecting the dairy’s best gold top from attack by the Kaiser (he’s still younger than Tony, though).

His first experiences of music were as an angelic chorister in the school choir, and as a less angelic recipient of piano lessons. Despite the best efforts of his piano teacher to put him off (and to be fair he was never going to be a pianist) this didn’t put him off music and it has been a part of his life ever since.

He loves most genres of music, from folk and traditional through soul, funk and blues to rock, ska, reggae and dub, and one of his greatest pleasures is sharing music with other music lovers, and discovering new bands and singers.

He lives in Leeds with his family and was introduced to Radio Barnsley by Roy Burgess, someone Richard had known through his work. He presents the Midweek Mix every Wednesday, which gives him the excuse to play lots of kinds of different music!